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Icontest Needs

For Icontest Mods In Need of Votes & Entries

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Icontest Needs: For icontest mods needing votes &
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All Members , Moderated

icontest_needs is a place where mods of icontest & stillness communities on Livejournal can request votes and entries for challenges.

This is not an icontest promo community. You can utilize icontest_promo and icontest_ads to promote your community. Try mod_lims to promote your LIMS community.

This is not a banner/affiliate request community. You can utilize mod_stillness for requesting banner makers and affiliates.

This is not a place to ask layout or modding questions. Again, mod_stillness is the place to go for such questions.


1: This is a moderated community.
For the time being I will be moderating posts to this community to ensure that the rules are being followed. Eventually, I hope to make this community non-moderated.

2: Request only votes & entries.
Any other inquiry is not allowed. Freqently abusing this rule will result in being banned from the community.

3: Post 1 request for votes per day per community.
Do NOT flood the community with multiple requests through out the day. Be patient. If you have more than one community needing votes or entries, make your requests in ONE ENTRY.

4: Vote requests must be made 24 hours after the original vote was posted in the icontest.
In other words, do not post a request for votes here until 1 day after you have posted the vote in your icontest community.

5: You can post a request for entries ONCE a week.
More than one request per week will be rejected.

6: Request for Entries can only be made within 48 hours of the deadline.
So, if your deadline is 2 days away from now...feel free to post. To learn more about why the mod's of this community have made this rule READ THIS

7: Follow the submission format.
Your request should look like this:

Name of Community
Link to Vote or Challenge Submission Page

Please do not post banners or buttons on your submissions.

8: Repeatedly failing to follow the rules will lead to you being banned.
I make stupid mistakes ALL THE TIME and so I want to be fair and give everyone a chance. However, I really don't like being taken advantage of.

9: Communities must be on Livejournal.
Unfortunately we cannot accept posts for votes or entries on sites that are not Livejournal.

Helpful Hints

1: Request your friendlist to help out with voting.
Make sure to post to your friendlist that your community needs help in voting.

2: Never stop promoting your community.
Just because you posted to icontest_promo once doesn't meen you should stop. Exploring the many other promotion communities on LJ and post to them.

3: Affiliates are your friends.
We are a network of icontest mods. Utilize this tool and affiliate with a wide spectrum of graphic communties and icontests.

4: When all else fails...re-examine your icontest.
You aren't getting any entries...no one responds to your requests for votes. What could be turning people off? Perhaps your userinfo page is disorganized, your graphics are uninspiring, you are inconsistant.


For a list of our affiliates and/or if you would like to be added, click here.

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